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Ahad, 19 Oktober 2008

Buku Rujukan: Iranun & Balangingi

Penulis: James Francis Warren, (Professor of Southeast Asian History at Murdoch University, and has taught at Australian National University, Yale and Kyoto University).

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Product Description
This book explores the ethnic, cultural & material changes in the transformative history of oceans & seas, commodities & populations, and raiders & refugees in Southeast Asia, with particular reference to the Sulu-Mindanao region. Replete with tables, maps, illustrations and appendices, this thoroughly researched work contains chapters on the Iranun Age, Maguindanao, Sulu, & Iranun Age, the Raids of 1754-1838, the Eastern Archipelago Defended, Settlements & Bases, Expeditions, Crews, Raiding Ships, Blood Upon the Seas & Sand, the Captives, Dispossession, Defeat & Diaspora, Colonialism's Pirates (the Savage Myth, Ethnic Identity & History).

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